Catholic Fiction

Are you looking for great Catholic Fiction?

Here is a compilation of the best Catholic Fiction novels and authors (in our humble, and no doubt biased, opinion!) assembled by Sacrata Dei Press, including author bios, summaries, book reviews, and where to purchase for the best price; all presented with brevity so that you can discover the book you are looking for -- and very well may find out the tale was looking for you!


  • Father Elijah

    by Michael D. O'Brien

  • Father Brown Mysteries

    by G.K. Chesterton

  • Seed
    Book I of 'The Dominion Project'

    by Compasse

Selected Catholic Fiction Authors

Young Adult / Adult
  • Nathan Sadasivan

  • Michael D. O'Brien

  • Nicholas Prata

  • Malachi Martin

  • Claudio Salvucci

  • Walter S. Miller

Selected Catholic Fiction Authors

Child & Youth
  • Raymond Arroyo

  • Shea Blitzen

  • Taylor R. Marshall

  • Christian M. Frank

  • Maria Grace Dateno

  • Mother Mary Loyola